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Helping you get into FLOW

We’ve all experienced it. Everything just seems to fall into place. You are so focused and INSIDE of what you are doing that minutes pass like seconds.

There is no fear…no hunger.

You don’t think about why you’re doing it. It’s just YOU... fully engaged in a PROCESS for its own sake.

You aren’t discouraged or bored, but in a heightened state of being that psychologists refer to as FLOW.

The brain can only consciously process up to around 110 bits of information each second. Listening to me requires about 60. That’s why we get frustrated when more than one person speaks to us at once.

Flow is not multitasking. Flow is about having more peak experiences in life. It is about positioning the mind so that you focus on the 110 bits that matter at any given time.

And Flow can be summed up in 7 words by Robert Louis Stevenson, "To forget oneself is to be happy."

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