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What to Expect During your Trial TaeKwonDo Class

Martial arts kids training in Cary

First, I want to congratulate you on taking the first step in your martial arts journey. It's ok to be nervous or have questions, but feel confident knowing that we've been empowering people through martial arts since 2006. We offer a free trial TaeKwondo class so that you can make the decision to join our school.

There are 4 age groups at Johnson's Martial Arts:

Cubs, Juniors, Teens and Adults.

We want you to feel comfortable coming to class. If you are 12 and 6-feet tall, you may feel better in the Teen Class. Likewise, if a student is a couple months from their 6th birthday, they can start in the Junior Class.

After you've scheduled your trial, Be sure that you. complete the waiver. Be sure to check your junk mail and add us to safe senders so that you don't miss our emails.


4 and 5 Year Olds

30-Minute Class


6-12 Year Olds

50-Minute Class

Teens and Adults

13 Years Old and Up

50-MInute Class

The start is what stops most people when starting karate.

Please consider these points:

  1. Be On-Time.

  2. Wear Gym/Workout clothes for your trial class.

  3. Students Leave their shoes and socks in the cubby.

  4. Parents, please stay to watch child's trial class.

  5. Complete Waiver at home before arriving.

  6. You'll get to experience kicking and punching the bag, Stretching and Character/Team Building.

  7. You'll sweat and feel like you've accomplished a goal.

  8. Family will be given a schedule and shown the membership form.

  9. We'll get your uniform and belt.

  10. We'll see you next time for your first official class as a JMA student.


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