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What if Junior Wants to Quit?

Do you have or teach children?

Then you understand that kids can be a little flaky when it comes to completing tasks, following-through, and giving things their “Level 10” BEST. I see this with our students and first-hand with my 5-year old little boy.

No matter what your personal parenting style is, I believe most of us will agree that children learn more from following-through and reaching their goals than they do hopping from one activity to the next replying, “It’s just not my thing.”

When a child learns and grows, figures out a new technique…when they get better, they feel like a *SUPERSTAR*! The key, I believe as parents, is to encourage our children to overcome the little obstacles in the road that may come every so often.

When you think about it, martial arts is one of the few things that most children have to commit to for longer than 6-weeks at a time, and this can be a new feeling for a child. Most of the time, however, it doesn't take much to get the child/student back on track and loving their training.

Many parents tell us, “Once he gets here, he has a blast and doesn’t want to leave.” Parents should talk with their child, encourage them, and take part in the process at Tiger-Rock. Remind your child of how much fun class was. Praise them on their little improvements. Remind them of their goals. Of course, you first have to sit down and talk about and write down their goals. This will serve as the map of their training. If you don't know where you are going, how will you ever know if you get there?

I believe that parents have a lot on their plates. Between work and home life, they find it difficult to balance everything. Sometimes it is just easier to let a child quit an activity. I understand. After a long day at work, it seems easier to just stay home than to face rush hour traffic.

Of course, I believe that you started your child in martial arts for a reason. Out of all of the schools, you chose us. Let’s be a VILLAGE! Let’s work to make your child UNSTOPPABLE! Let’s make this “THING” Happen!

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