Obvious and Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Taking Martial Arts Lessons

There are some obvious benefits that young and old alike garner from studying the martial arts. The first one is in the exercise involved. Exercise, if it’s tailored for the age and ability of the participant, is good for the body, the mind, and, yes, often good for the spirit too. A not-so-obvious benefit of studying the martial arts is the often unspoken requirement to “be present” in the practice. “When you’re dealing with kicks, punches, and arm-bars,” says veteran martial arts teacher Tom Callos of Hilo, Hawaii, “you simply have to stay ‘in the moment’ to keep from getting socked in the nose. Awareness of what I call, ‘The here and now,” is something you can instantly take off of the

My Training

My week's training for 2011 came a little easier for me this week, but 2012 is far from bloom isn't it? I can see how so many people fail to remain attentive to their goals after only a short period of time. How many people have just plain-out forgotten about their "New Year's Resolutions already?" I have heard that many do not even set these types of goals for themselves opting to disregard the annual tradition, and I don't blame them. It is just so easy to regress to your old ways, to "fall off the wagon"so-to-speak. The truth is that no matter what your goal is, quick self-fulfillment is much easier than self-discipline. The New Year's Resolution has become a joke around some water cooler

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