Johnson's Black Belt Receives His Eagle Scout in Cary, North Carolina!

Joe Scroggin and his family started training in Tiger Rock Martial Arts around 10 years ago. Joe is a first degree black belt at Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy in Cary, North Carolina. Joe Scroggin has achieved another milestone in his life-one that only 2% of boy scouts ever achieve-his EAGLE SCOUT. Mrs. Johnson and I attended his pinning this past Saturday, and we realized that the parallels to martial arts training were apparent. Think about the percentage of people in our program that will ever achieve their black belt... Great Job Joe.

Sometimes the Student Becomes the Teacher if the Teacher is Still Willing to Learn

Our black belt student, Stephanie Lamm has some wonderful insight that we could all learn from. I am pleased to include her black belt essay in our blog. Enjoy! My Experience With Appalachian Service Project Over the summer I participated in a powerful organization that changed my life. ASP, or Appalachian Service Project, takes work teams of teenagers and adults to help make living conditions in Appalachia safer. I spent the majority of the year preparing myself for the week long trip. We practiced using power tools, which was new to me, and we did community service in local areas to raise funds. I was told I would see things that would change me once I got to the w

TaeKwonDo Student in Cary Donates Time to Duke Hospital in Preparation for His Belt Test

Black Belt Essay Community Service Eric Meehan This summer I volunteered for 150 hours at Duke Hospital in Durham. During this time, I worked at various information desks and helped escort patients to their clinics inside the hospital. Because of it’s size, many of these patients were overwhelmed and upset. Having an escort, however, helped calm them down and made them feel more comfortable in the hospital. This job taught me a lot about working with the public. The majority of the patients in the hospital were not happy about being there and were generally not in a very good mood. Even when they were upset with me or the other volunteers, understanding why they felt this way made it a lot e

The Leadership of Our Young Martial Artists Amazes me!!!

When I first began teaching, I believed that based on my own physical capabilities, I should also have the capabilities of an exceptional teacher. After some time instructing students, I began to think that the quality of my teaching was based on the physicality of the students I teach. I must be a good teacher if our students in Cary are placing in the top ten-many of them placed #1 in the world...RIGHT? Boy was I wrong. What I have come to realize over the years is that my success as a teacher is not based entirely on my physical skills, or even the skills of my students. In order to be a real master teacher You must teach your students how to take the skills that they learn on the mat and

9 year old martial artist pledges to teach other children about Diabetes

Renuka Dabli, a Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy student has pledged as part of her training to teach 1,000 kids on the subject of Diabetes. Renuka, with the help of her fellow martial artists in Cary has developed a Powerpoint Presentation that can be used to teach kids about diabetes in their academic schools! Renuka is asking for young martial artists and non-martial artists alike to step up and teach others using the "kids teaching kids" approach of learning leadership skills.

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