Preparing Kids for the Job Market (Part 2)

Ability to make decisions and solve problems Life requires balance. There are times when we must stand firm, rigid, and unyielding. When it comes to our values and guiding principles, these you can not budge on. Other times will allow for compromise. Success relies on having a good understanding of this balance knowing when and what to fight or let go. “Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.” ~Bruce Lee Self-Defense and Decisions When we execute a technique, relaxation is key at the start and we end with tension. You a

Preparing Kids for the Job Market (Part 1)

Forbes came out with ‘The 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 20-Something Employees’ I’ve chosen 3 that directly relate to what we do within our organization where we add value each and every day. I will speak on #1 in this post. 1.) Ability to work in a team 2.) Ability to make decisions and solve problems 3.) Ability to sell and influence others Ability to work in a team Nothing quite compares to the feeling you get that you’re part of something bigger than yourself; to take part with others in achieving a level of greatness not possible if attempted alone. We must teach our kids to be team players. Putting a man on the moon, constructing the Hoover Dam, cracking the Human Genome, none of th

Protecting your Child from Sexual Predators

Approximately 1.8 million adolescents in the United States have been the victims of sexual assault. 1 This is a sensitive subject, but one that should be discussed with your child using language that they can understand and that does not frighten them. All of the tips on abduction apply, but it is important that you have a better understanding of these types of “tricky people” to equip your child to be able to spot potential dangers. When it comes to physical self-defense, your kids will learn to “fight back” in a quality martial arts program. However, a predator will often use manipulation instead of force choosing “easy” victims that they can “groom” over time. According to Joelle Casteix

The 4 Types of Bullying

Bullying is prevalent in many different forms. Protecting yourself from bullying is your everyday sort of self-defense, There are 4 different types of bullying: Relational Cyber Verbal Physical Each one is powerful in experience and involves either direct or indirect contact. No longer can a child go home and disconnect from the world. Bullies can name-call and criticize from their digital devices all from the safety of their own homes. Although bullying comes across many different mediums in the 21st Century, there are common ways in which you can teach your child to steer bullying attacks in the right direction. At the end of the day, bullies act out of fear or uncertainty. They may fear t

Your Work is Your Legacy

To support your family from your business is winning against the odds; To support your employees’ families through your collective work, that is a legacy. Your name is also your legacy. I went by 3 different last names growing up. So, I never really took pride in the name Johnson. The defining moment for me was when we rebranded our school as Johnson’s Martial Arts in 2017. We tore down the old decals replacing them with ones with the new logo. Do you know who helped me? My son, Ashton. It was a symbol of our future legacy. If you’re an employer, you feel no greater responsibility than to pay your staff a living wage that they can be proud of. You have the greatest to lose, are the last to

When Will Your Child Find Their "LOVE"?

Who is shaping your child’s character? I can not stress the importance of Character Education. But kids aren’t attending church nowadays. ‘According to the Hartford Institute of Religion Research, more than 40 percent of people say they go to church every week, but statistics show that fewer than 20 percent actually attend.’1 Culturally, this is an issue. We have to get people back into church. Where then are kids supposed to learn their values? Of course, those who spend the most time with a child will be the most influential. Nothing replaces having good parents. Parents have the largest influence. Kids are going to learn values regardless of how intentional you are. So, you had better mak

Experiencing Adversity

Most of us can’t fathom how we survived our childhoods. I am sure that there were some close-calls that you had growing up. Certainly, there are accidents and situations from which I should not have walked away. There was one particular instance when I had to go in an hour early to school when I was 16. I had been tardy 3 times, and received a detention which was held before school. “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” ~Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Bird Growing up, we lived 30 minutes away from "town" and the local public schools were dreadful. This meant that I got to drive 30 minutes every morning; half of the time o

It Can be Difficult for Kids to Feel Empowered

The opposite of ‘TO GIVE POWER TO’ is TO TAKE POWER AWAY’ and there is plenty of that going on these days. An Afflicted Childhood: There’s an APP for that! Our youth face a world of challenges that were unbeknownst to us growing up. It’s not that we didn’t experience bullying and peer pressure. It’s just that we didn’t get bombarded across so many different platforms. We would deal with bullying at school or in the cul-de-sac. Today, kids deal with text messages, Instagram, SnapChat, and other apps which parents are probably not even aware of or completely understand. ***Parents, if your kids are using them, know what they are and monitor their activity.*** It’s like they’re in a entirely di

Business Ethics

Like just about any other kid, I began martial arts for fun, to protect myself, and to get into shape. I didn’t start training in order to meet girls, but I did meet my wife, Melissa through the sport. :) She came in at the age of 12 for a trial Taekwondo class that I was assisting and caught my attention. I noticed her immediately. Only through attending classes and getting better did I start to gain a love for the martial arts. Later on, I began to assist others and had the desire to run my own martial arts school. Actually since I was a high schooler, I thought that Melissa and I would take this path, and it has been a rewarding one growing our TaeKwonDo family together. Most instructors

What Does it Mean to be EMPOWERED?

What does it mean to be Empowered? The word ‘Empower’ literally means ‘TO GIVE POWER TO’ and nothing quite matches the feeling of living an

Get your kids a role model...In fact, get them many.

As a parent, you can’t be with your child all of the time. Nor can you teach them everything. A large part of preparing a child for success is in strategically placing people in their lives to serve as role models. I am honored each time a parent entrusts me with that responsibility. It is a privilege which I do not take lightly. In fact, the Mission Statement of the Johnson Organization is, “We are PASSIONATE ROLE-MODELS who EMPOWER through MARTIAL ARTS.” We lead our programs with the understanding that certain things will always matter when it comes to having a winning life. Virtues such as Self Control, Integrity, Perseverance and having a strong sense of Community are timeless. They ar

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