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JMA's Weapons class for Green Belts and Above

karate actor training with weapons in Cary

Hey, I'm Ashton. I am a black jacket here at JMA, and I teach the weapon's class. I am number one in the world for my weapon (Kamas). I am very passionate to teach and inspire kids here at JMA about the art of weapons.

We will learn bo staff, kamas, sword and nun-chucks. It is a ton of fun learning these weapons and you will learn how to defend yourself and super cool tricks. If you would like to enroll for the class come to the Cary location on Wednesday at 5:00 PM, and get you free trial class.

If you like it and would like to sign up, it will be a one-time purchase of 125.00 dollars. You will receive all four weapons, and the class is no extra cost.

Hope to see all of you guys soon!


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