TaeKwonDo Has a Rich History

Excerpt:History of TaeKwonDo by Nathan Young (Junior Black Belt Candidate) The name "Taekwondo" is derived from the Korean word, &

Not Talking For A Whole Day

When I first when I first heard the idea, I thought it wasn’t going to be hard to just simply shut my mouth for one day. I proceeded to do so and realized that what I had expected was nothing like what I had experienced. Staying mute for one entire day, I realized, was a challenging task which took me multiple tries to finally achieve. I often forgot to keep my mouth shut since I've lived most of my life with the ability to speak and it has become a natural thing. So at times, my mouth would blurt out words before I even got the chance to remember that I wasn't suppose to talk. There were other factors that prevented me from completing the challenge multiple times. One of them being the fact

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