Special Olympics Charity Break-A-Thon and Class

Johnson's Tiger-Rock Martial Arts 204 Davis Grove Cr Ste 104 Cary, North Carolina 27519 (919) 469-5555 Press Release- July 23, 2016 The students of Johnson's Tiger-Rock Martial Arts are hosting a BOARD BREAK-A-THON to benefit the Special Olympics of North Carolina. The event will be held on August 24th at 6pm at the academy. The students are busy completing their pledge forms on which people in our community pledge a dollar amount per board that the student breaks within 10 seconds. Donations are also accepted. Please make checks payable to Special Olympics of NC. Johnson's will also be hosting a fun and engaging 30-minute class at 7pm for all Special Olympic Athletes. Please R.S.V.P. wit

Being an Everyday Leader

Being an Everyday Leader means that we serve those around us. Leadership doesn't mean that we have to take BIG action. Often times, we get discouraged thinking that we don't know how to lead, or that we are not capable, but you can start small by exercising your leadership muscles in everyday life. I was Inspired by the Ted Talk by Drew Dudley: https://www.ted.com/talks/drew_dudley_everyday_leadership?language=en #leader #everyday #kids #community #inspire #inspiration

Strong Moms

We are so excited to be hosting Stryker Pro Group Fitness Classes. This program was created by Bryson Johnson, Master Black Belt, Patent Holder, and Trainer. Bryson and his wife, Melissa Johnson have been training adults in Cary, North Carolina for a decade. Stryker Pro allows every adult to benefit from the martial arts without the trappings associated with formal Karate training. There are no forms, and you don't wear a belt. Our clients benefit from martial arts-based fitness and learn tools along the way that make them feel safer and more empowered. The class lasts an hour. Expect to sweat and even to be a little sore the next day, but this is part of the process. You can drop-in for $12

Helping you get into FLOW

We’ve all experienced it. Everything just seems to fall into place. You are so focused and INSIDE of what you are doing that minutes pass like seconds. There is no fear…no hunger. You don’t think about why you’re doing it. It’s just YOU... fully engaged in a PROCESS for its own sake. You aren’t discouraged or bored, but in a heightened state of being that psychologists refer to as FLOW. The brain can only consciously process up to around 110 bits of information each second. Listening to me requires about 60. That’s why we get frustrated when more than one person speaks to us at once. Flow is not multitasking. Flow is about having more peak experiences in life. It is about positioning the min

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