Obesity and Diabetes are on the rise

As a progressive martial arts instructor and school owner, I am consistently looking for new ways to spread the values of the martial arts to others. It is important for me to reach as many children and adults as I can so they too can reap the rewarding benefits of a the martial arts lifestyle-as I have for nearly 20 years. Nowadays, children are getting less and less physical activity. P.E. programs are being cut to additional "academic" classes, and society is getting fatter as a whole. The blessing of our electronics devices allows us to automate so many ordinary tasks in our lives. This also makes us lazy. According to a resourceful book that I am reading Change Your Brain Change Your Bo

Persevering for a cause

William and Orville Wright were passionate about the prospect of controlled flight. They used the proceeds from their bicycle shop to fund their research and development- so their team did not have the deepest pockets. William, Orville, nor any one on their team had a college education. In contrast, Samuel Pierpont Langley was given a grant from the war department in the amount of fifty thousand dollars to develop the first 'flying machine'. He held a seat at Harvard and worked at the Smithsonian, and even hired the some of the greatest minds of the day to work on the project. Then why have we never heard of Samuel Pierpont Langley? AND why did he not succeed over the wright brothers? It is

The mat is small, the world is big

There exists an incredible story of an awe inspiring human being who was forced to drop out of school due to lack of funding. His dilema could have been solved for a mere $80! Living in a family of 20 people, William Kamkwamba from the South-East African country of Malawi, farmed during the daylight hours and studied at night. William would read books on windmills from his LOCAL library. William felt that his village could benefit from the windy conditions in his town, if only he could harness it. So, he set out to learn how to construct a windmill that could then either either pump water or generate electricity for his village. He was only 14 years old. It took William 2 months. What a wond

The Black Belt

The "Black Belt" Terminology is not used exclusively in the martial arts. For example, Six Sigma, a business management strategy, uses belts to rate those certifed - with black belt referring to the highest belt that one can achieve. Many have referred to the black belt as a metaphor for excellence in life. One can be a "black belt" chef or a "black belt" taxi cab driver. The term black belt can simply refer to those who excel in any field. The question that remains is, "How do we, as master instructors, maintain the honor, dignity, prestige, and reputation of THE BLACK BELT in the martial arts?" I have seen a shift in the martial arts industry over the last 20 years since I began my trainin

What is Martial Arts?

Martial Arts can represent different things to different people. Some believe that the Martial Arts promote violence, aggression, and combat. Some feel that martial arts are just for kids, and they do not want to practice alongside children. Over the past few years, there has been more and more interest in Mixed Martial Arts and those teaching traditional methods of self-defense like Karate, TaeKwonDo, and Kung Fu have incorporated other forms in their schools to stay relevant. If you know anything about Bruce Lee's philosophy, he believed in not conforming to any one style. He felt that this limited oneself in battle. When you train in multiple arts, You become more comfortable in a wider

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