The Karate Kid Challenge By Sony Pictures and Six Flags of America

When I saw the e-mail that announced that Sony and Six Flags were looking for Senseis (or Karate Instructors) and their students to put together a martial arts presentation synchronized to music, I said "I just have to do that!" Mrs. Melissa Johnson, My wife, was thrilled as well. Benjamin Pham and Marissa Jenkins were our students that we chose. We only had 3 weeks to practice, but I think that we did a nice job. It was a unique and fun experience that I will not soon forget. We left Friday Afternoon for DC and used the hallway to get some last-minute practice after we got checked-in! We arrived at Six Flags America to register at an early 7 a.m. We went on at 10 p.m. There were some very n

The Karate Kid Challenge in Washington DC with Sony Pictures

May 8th, 2010--Johnson's TaeKwonDo owners and instructors, Bryson and Melissa Johnson performed at the Karate Kid Challenge at Six Flags in Largo, MD on Saturday with their students Benjamin Pham and Marissa Jenkins. Ben and Marissa are both instructors at the Johnson's Martial Arts school in the Cary, Apex, and Morrisville area. They are e 3rd Degree Black Belts. Performing in this type of setting was new to them, but they did a great job and are ready for the next challenge! We arrived Friday night in Largo at the Hampton Inn and did not hesitate to get some extra training in using the hallway outside of our rooms. We woke up extra early on Saturday so that we could be at the park to regis

TaeKwonDo Academy in Cary hosts a bullying seminar using Verbal Judo

April 30th, 2010- Johnson's in Cary hosts a Comlimentary Bully Seminar using concepts taken from Verbal Judo- a type of non-violent approach that police officers use to talk suspects down from violence. They call this Tactical Communications Training. We call it Bully Readiness Training. Our children face the potential to be bullied every single day by the way they walk, talk, stand, shake hands, etc. Are kids being equipped with the skills they need to deal with the verbal and sometimes physical attacks that bullies will use to feel superior? My response would be not enough. Now, I am not talking retaliation, and I am not considering that the answer is to resort to violence. In our Cary kar

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