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Adult Martial Arts in Cary and Morrisville

What Can You Expect as an Adult?

Our adult class is a wonderfully complete training program, as it includes stretching, strength training, aerobic exercise, and requires a kind of mental focus akin to deep meditation.

If you’re thinking about taking classes, allow me to be the first to invite you to our school. We've been training adults in Cary since 2006! And...whether you want to take it slow or dive right in, our experienced teachers will be here to motivate and help you to learn the proper technique.


Expect a lot of healthy exercise. Our students may not not enroll as athletes, but through time, they get stronger, gain more flexibility, and learn real and practical self-defense feeling a sense of empowerment and achievement.


There is much to learn, and each class is different with something new. However, each class also comes with a similar structure and repetition.


After all, it is the repeated practice that will cause you to grow.


The adult martial arts class lasts 50 minutes. Adults are one of our favorite groups to teach. They learn quickly and are focused on specific goals when it comes to their training.


Adults are able to develop greater flexibility and range of motion while gaining added strength.


They will learn to develop power by using the heavy bag and even enhance their memory and concentration through the memorization of patterns.


Above all these things, Adults will learn to defend themselves in a positive environment around people with similar goals.


Expect there to be around 20 in your Karate class. Since our students get to choose from 6 class days a week, we are able to keep the class size smaller in nature.


Most Adults come about twice a week, and you can choose which days you would like to attend-even attending any of the locations.

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