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Teen Martial Arts Classes


What Can You Expect as a Teen or Adult?

At our martial arts academy, expect there to be one or more experienced Taekwondo teachers on the floor to motivate and help you to learn proper physical technique. Expect the teacher to, at times, require a bit more from you, to give what we call your "Level 10" best. Expect the instructor to wear an encouraging smile. Expect to have the increased energy and focus that comes through training. Expect a lot of healthy exercise.

You may not enroll as a Karate athlete, but through time, you will get stronger, gain more flexibility, and learn real and practical self-defense -- feeling a sense of empowerment and achievement. Each class is different with something new. There is much to learn. However, each class also comes with a similar structure and repetition. After all, it is the repeated practice that will cause you to grow.

Expect some special events, as one of our primary goals is to teach our students to take what they practice on the mat and apply it to other things (like school, like work, like fun, and like --to the community).


Above all these thing, expect an amazing culture. If your looking for cameraderie, friendship, and to be around encouragers, this program will be a great fit.


As a parent, expect to look back on your teen son or daughter's martial arts lessons with fond memories.

Try a Free Trial Lesson (and mark my words here, there’s no “hook” or sales pitch in this offer. This is simply a way for you to test drive our school, before ever THINKING about fully enrolling..


This is the way that we've done it for over a decade in Cary as the area's top martial arts school for teens and young adults.

Teen Martial Arts

Teens train for an hour. Our teens and young adults are a great group. They are fun to teach, because they learn quickly and encourage one another.

Students will develop greater flexibility and range of motion while gaining added strength.


They will develop hand/eye coordination and focus through the striking of target pads.


They will learn to develop power by using the heavy bag and even enhance their memory and concentration through the memorization of patterns.


Above all these things, teens will learn to defend themselves in a positive environment that promotes teamwork, community, and family values found in traditional martial arts classes that will serve them well in their future endeavors in the world.


This class averages around 20 in a class, and since our students get to choose from 6 class days a week, we are able to keep the class size smaller in nature.


Most come about twice a week, and you can choose which days you would like to attend. 

Two ladies in karate uniforms posing for a photo during a self-defense class in Cary.
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