Johnson’s hosting campaign in Cary, NC for Soles4Souls

Heartwrenching to see this in this day and age! Johnson's TaeKwonDo is accepting gently used to new shoes for the Soles4Souls organization. We are currently accepting shoes and sandals at our location. We will begin putting collection boxes around the Cary area soon. Our campaign is planned to end in April 2010 with a "Walk a Mile Without Shoes Walk" for the Soles4Souls organization. It is our goal as Martial Arts teachers to assist students in reaching their fullest potentials so that they can then learn to manifest those skills to do good in the outside world. The best way that we can teach young people leadership is experientially. Getting out there and doing something. Leading by Servi

Martial Arts Students Encouraged to teach Fire Safety Drill

Johnson's TaeKwonDo encourages everyone who does not yet have a Fire Safety Plan to get one. Practice the plan with your children at least once every year. Remember that you may think that your children do not need to know this-as you will help them escape the home in case of a fire-but your children may have to escape on their own if you are injured. What does this have to do with Martial Arts? Well, Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy teaches self-defense. You may think that self-defense involves the ability to defend yourself from an attacker. Though this is very true, Johnson's believes that self-defense comes in all forms-defense from anything that could harm or injure you. #firesafety #communi

Martial Arts Walk

Congratulations to all of the Martial Arts Students who stepped up this past Sunday to teach Self-Escape skills at Wake Med Soccer Park. There was a large crowd that came out-several hundred in fact and a select few of our Johnson's TaeKwonDo students came out to not only teach invaluable personal protection courses, but to walk 5 kilometers for the 'Stop Child Trafficking Now' organization. Johnson's TaeKwonDo walks to stop child trafficking. For those of you unfamiliar with this group, they fund operatives that will help to eliminate the crime of child trafficking at the root-the predator. Many of the team members that work for the organization are retired Navy Seals, Special Operatives, F

7 year old student leads Martial Arts demonstration and Bingo for Clarebridge Assisted Living Home

At Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy students are leading their martial arts peers across the country by manifesting the skills that they learn on the training floor and putting them to use for the good of the world. If you are wanting to be associated with winners in more than just Martial Arts Skill, but also winners in life, try Johnson's TaeKwonDo. We walk the walk!![youtube=] #communityservice

Habitat For Humanity Dedication September 19th, 2009

Johnson's TaeKwonDo Habitat Home Cary, NC It was amazing to see all of the hard work that our Taekwondo students put forth finally come to fruition. Our Cary, NC students held a Break-A-Thon in May 2007 and managed to raise just under $8,000 through 99 separate donations. This summer we went out to help with the building process also. With the assistance of the entire Habitat For Humanity of Wake County team, Lot 3 at Falcone Pointe is now complete. The family will soon be moving into it in a couple of weeks, I suppose. Wow students! You all did a great job!! From the fundraising to actually getting out there and building the home, I am proud of all of you. Martial Arts Students from Johns

A Karate Class or a Life-Changing Experience

Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy is located 204 Davis Grove Circle Cary, NC. 27519 (919) 469-5555. There are numerous Martial Arts schools in the Cary Area. There are those that teach Shotokan Karate, Ninjitsu, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, and Sport TaeKwonDo. Each of these schools can offer you a limited number of things. You can begin to learn the Martial Arts, you will get good exercise and should have fun doing it. Though this level of traioning may be sufficient for some, students will often seek out an academy that offers a fuller experience; one where students do not just learn to punch and kick, but practice real life skills as well.. Students at Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership

History of TaeKwonDo

The History of Ho-Am TaeKwonDo and the ITA By: Stephanie Lamm - A Johnson's TaeKwonDo Blackbelt Evidence of martial arts date back to 3000 B.C. when paintings of fighters using hand and foot techniques were found on ancient Egyptian tombs. Plato also mentions fighting without an opponent which is much like the modern day patterns TaeKwonDo artists practice. Though all of this led up to modern day martial arts, formal training can be dated back to 4000 years ago with the HwaRang warriors. Before North and South Korea there was Korea, and long before that there were three kingdoms. They were the Goguryeo, Silla, and Baekje. These kingdoms were constantly at war with one another and

TaeKwonDo Sparring

By Dale Page (One of Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelts) There are three distinct styles of free sparring in Ho-Am TaeKwonDo; Testing, Championship and Personal Protection sparring. These styles are bound by general rules and protocols that are in place to protect the participants, but they each have uniquely different rules and protocols that define each style. The general rules and protocols that govern the three styles of sparring lay the ground work for how the styles are to be performed along with participant conduct and protection. Rules that dictate how sparring is to be performed are as such: no one below the rank of green belt may spar, sparring should be very controlled,

My TaeKwonDo Journey

My Tae Kwon Do Journey by Jimmy Loo It's funny how things work out a certain way. I couldn't say I have had a common beginning to my Tae Kwon Do journey. It seemed like all the planets had lined up properly for me to be a Tae Kwon Do student. If I didn't decide that one particular day to drive over and check out the noon class, and Denny also just happened to be checking out the class the same day; I don't think I would be writing this essay now. How lucky could I have been to have another out of shape, overweight person thinking of doing the same thing and show up on the same day? Well, I've been at this for more than 2 years now, and I'm not as out of shape as I was when I started. Loo

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