From "Class Dummy" to Pediatric Neurosurgeon

We all love an underdog story. And who doesn't want to think that someone can pick themselves up from nothing to become achieve their wildest dreams. I believe that the American Dream is alive and well in America and Dr. Ben Carson's life serves as a fine example. I picked up the book, Gifted Hands to share with our students at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. There are so many good life-lessons that are shared that everyone could benefit from, but especially young children. Dr. Carson is a brilliant Pediatric Neurosurgeon, but he faced several trials and tribulations in his early life that make many wonder how he was able to make it so far as an accomplished Physician. Having been rai

Passion for Martial Arts

What is the indication of a successful business? It all depends on what drives you to get up in the morning. The responses will vary as widely as to the question, "What makes a good parent?" I have thought long and hard about the type of business my family runs, and at one time, I believed it to be completely unique run out of passion and devotion to our art, ingrained into our innermost selves. After all, most people do not start a martial arts school to make money. Only after years of disciplined training and being positively impacted through their style do they even consider choosing this as a career path. Then, you consider the photographer who works various odd-end jobs just for the

A Young Black Belt Candidate's Autobiography

By Vishnu I was born in September 2006 to such a great family with a mom, dad and an awesome older sister. I lived in California, but at young age I moved to North Carolina. But I think it was for a good reason. I didn’t really make any friends in California because I was just a baby at that time. When I started preschool, I was scared and nervous. I thought I wouldn’t make any friends and even worse I had to be there without my mom who I am used to being around. But, my parents told me I will make good friends after I go there. So, my preschool turned out to be great and I made several good friends. As I grew up, my parents introduced me into soccer at Net Sports. I started liking soccer im

The Student-Parent-Trainer Connection

BEING ON THE TEAM There exists a triangular relationship at Tiger-Rock that our families are all involved in. Students have responsibilities. Parents/Loved Ones have responsibilities. I have responsibilities. I, as well as our team, will spend 1,000 hours outside of class if we need to motivating our students to stay the course, to grow as a person or martial arts athlete. It is important that our families know our willingness to serve. Many parents talk to me about their child "finding their love." It is through my experience that the first time you take class, it is fun, because it is new. This exposure to martial arts only scratches the surface. "Love" only comes through enagaged practice

A 10 Year Old's Black Belt Candidate Autobiography

My name is Sarah. I was born in San Diego, California in 2005. When I was two years old, I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. Then, when I was four years old, I moved to Germany. My favorite thing about living in Germany was waking up in the morning and smelling chocolate. The Ritter Sport Chocolate factory was in the town I lived in and it was so good! I also knew how to speak in German because I took a Kinder German class where I learned German songs and how to count and all kinds of other things. I also started taekwondo classes when I was living in Germany. I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina when I was seven years old. I am in the third grade at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School. My f

The Tenets of TaeKwonDo

10 Tenets of Taekwondo Honor, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, courage, community strength, humility, and knowledge. Martial

Karate Girl Handmakes Bracelets for Charity

Francesca Digiovanni is preparing for her black belt test in TaekwonDo at Johnson's Martial Arts in Cary! Francesca has a love for animals and decided to raise money for Saving Grace Pet Adoption. Her goal is to raise $300, choosing this amount because $300 is what it takes to pay for the adoption of an animal. Francesca has already raised almost $200 and will be SUPER busy making bracelets! #CommunityService #blackbelt

Donate to the Backpack Program at Johnson's Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Cary

BACKPACK PROGRAM What is it? The backpack program is a program for underprivileged North Chatham Elementary School children. The program provides them with food each weekend so that they don’t go hungry. Every Friday at school, volunteers bring a bag with enough food for that child for the weekend and the teacher passes them out to the children in the program. The goal of the backpack program is to eliminate the hunger of children in the North Chatham school district. How can you help? Donate gift cards from local grocery stores Write a check to “CORA” Donate non-perishable food items: granola bars pudding cups pasta cups/bowls flavored hot cereal pop tarts single serve, shelf stable milk Th

Cary Karate Tournament a Huge Success!

November 9th, 2015- The Cary District Championships on Saturday was a huge success! Held at Bond Park Community Center, over 120 competitors came out to compete in Forms, Sparring and Board Breaking events. On behalf of Johnson's Tiger-Rock and the Instructional Staff, we would like to thank everyone who helped with this event. Good Sportsmanship and positivity could be witnessed all around as students cheered on their peers, gave high-fives and bowed to each other as a sign of respect in the face of BOTH their wins and losses. The students performed so well this weekend, faced their fears, and no matter the resulting medal, "WINNING" occurred long before they stepped out onto the mat. There

Community Service Project by a young black belt candidate

My Community Service Project for Black Belt 1st Degree By LV.3 Red Belt, David Tuerffs When I got to St. Andrew’s, where one of the many Brown Bag Ministry gatherings are held, I helped set up tables for packing the brown bag meals. When all the tables were set up, the head of the ministry said a prayer and we all got to work. I went to a table that had a piece of paper on it that said “ Alice: Water, Sandwich, Crunchy Item”. It meant that the group of bag lunches we were packing was for Alice. The head of the ministry said she was pretty much the “homeless guru.” Alice dedicates every weekend to give all the meals in the paper bags we made that we deliver to her to the homeless. Anyway,

A Martial Arts Service Project by Rebecca Daniels

My Service Project By: Rebecca Daniels For my project I brought nature photos to the senior citizens at Spring Arbor. I feel that this is very important for people to do. Kids of any age could do something like adopt a grandparent and make someone else’s day special. I chose to do this project because I went to Spring Arbor with Girl Scouts I really enjoyed going there and decided I wanted to go back. These nature photos are very calming and can bring nature to those who can’t go outside. The people there love to see kids and to remind them of being young. Some of the residents do not get very many visitors and so having me there and talking with them it really cheered them up. For this

Black Belt Project

For my service project I did brown bag ministry. There were not very many people there so it looked very spacious. I had to carry some boxes that were kind of heavy but we got all the boxes in, in around ten minutes. After we got all the boxes unpacked and the food setup, we chose what station we were going to do. My mom and I decided to make the sandwiches and put them in bags. The leader of the brown bag ministry told the other table today to put out all the bread and then put the bologna on and then the cheese, and then put on the bread that goes on top. I had fun making the sandwiches. I met some people who were making sandwiches and some of the people at our sandwich making table had a

Martial Arts Community Service Project

Black Belt Community Service by Brendan Leibert On Friday, May 17, my mom, sister, younger brother and I participated in the Stop Hunger Now meal packaging event at the Cary Family YMCA. We saw another Tiger Rock family there (Andrew Dunn). Stop Hunger Now is a Raleigh-based charity that creates food packages that are delivered to poverty-stricken people around the world. The meal packages support school-based feeding programs and are used in crisis relief, such as after earthquakes or floods. Each 390 g meal packet consists of a mixture of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, and a flavoring mix that includes seasonings as well as 21 essential vitamins and minerals. The organizer said that eac

Startup of a Martial Arts Fitness Company

I really like to create new things. For the past 2 years, I have been focused on improving my level of creativity in order to come up with better strategies, solutions, and innovative products for everyday problems. I have been working on inventing new products for some time now. However, as a martial artist, I am partial to designing products for the industry in which I spend a great deal of my time. Stryker Pro will be a company dedicated to bringing quality products to the commercial and at-home markets. Our initial product, the Stryker Pro product is intended to improve performance for serious martial arts athletes in addition to serving those who would otherwise be considered novice or

What if Junior Wants to Quit?

Do you have or teach children? Then you understand that kids can be a little flaky when it comes to completing tasks, following-through, and giving things their “Level 10” BEST. I see this with our students and first-hand with my 5-year old little boy. No matter what your personal parenting style is, I believe most of us will agree that children learn more from following-through and reaching their goals than they do hopping from one activity to the next replying, “It’s just not my thing.” When a child learns and grows, figures out a new technique…when they get better, they feel like a *SUPERSTAR*! The key, I believe as parents, is to encourage our children to overcome the little obstacles in

We all want our kids to be Rock stars!

I made an obervation this weekend in preparation for attending, or rather NOT attending guitar lessons with my son. We began taking guitar a few months back as a fun activity that we could practice together. I always wanted to learn, but never made the time for it. I felt that this was the perfect way to do it. Our main focus is to have fun. So, we don't have specific goals except to continue playing and to get better. Saturdays are very busy for us. There is always something to do, and we have a ton of excuses that can be made each and EVERY weekend to keep us from getting into the car and making the trip to Locals Music to see "Mr. Dan." Of course, my son is 6, and he has a lot of really G

Tiger-Rock at the Disney Institute

I had the opportunity to attend a second Disney Institute course, Disney's Approach to Creativity and Innovation, on May 20th. The course was fantastic, and I have learned to expect nothing less from the Disney organization. The training was sponsored by the North Carolina Aquarium and was held at the amazing new Cape Fear Community College Bulding in Downtown Wilmington. I have many takeways to apply to our programs at Tiger-Rock and to further my own personal development. I highly recommend these courses for your organization in which your staff can learn to apply the Disney Operating Prnciples to their work and to add more value to your team.

1,000 Bag Lunches for the Homeless

The families at Johnson’s Tiger-Rock Martial Arts in Cary are making 1,000 bag lunches for the Raleigh Rescue Mission over 10 Saturdays. Kids ranging from 5-15 years old and their parents came together to demonstrate a valued tenet in Tae Kwon Do: Community. On May 31st, they made a little headway, already making 100 brown bag lunches for those experiencing homelessness in our area. The Raleigh Rescue Mission provides shelter for those escaping domestic violence or who may be undergoing such financial hardships as underemployment/unemployment. In the month of December alone, they provided 2,494 nights of lodging to those in need right here in our community. (source: RRM Website) The Raleigh

Black Belt Community Service Project by Sadie Goldberg

Memorial Day Black Belt Project Memorial Day is a federal holiday when Americans remember military personnel who have died while in service. It is celebrated on the last Monday of May and is often thought to be the start of the swimming season. For my second degree level one black belt project I volunteered at the First Annual Andrew Sipple Memorial Day Fundraiser held at my Glenridge neighborhood pool. At eight o'clock in the morning, American flags lined the parking lot and the entrance to the pool, with banners hanging from the doorway. Red, white, and blue stars hung from the umbrellas on tables. A boy handed out patriotic leis to the swimmers. Delicious smells wafted from the table

Cary National TaeKwonDo Tournament a huge success!

Thank You to all of our sponsors, volunteers, the competitors that came out and the spectators that came out to watch. It was an honor to have Johnson's Tiger Rock Martial Arts as the host of this year's national tournament here in Cary, North Carolina. There were several hundred competitors who came out to witness and participate in World-Class Martial Arts Competition. Our student, 3rd degree black belt and violinist, Svetak Sundhar performed the national anthem beautifully. We would like to thank him for his performance. Many people were drawn to tears. Also, we witnessed the Cary Men's TaeKwonDo team receive first place in the Tag Team competition. This involves a variety of 3-person tea

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