Humilty in Martial Arts

A Fictional First Person Account of a Martial Arts Athlete "Charyot. Kyung Nye," the judge commands. I bow stepping onto the mat.

Brown Bag Community Project

Brown Bag Community Project By: Vishnu Boggala On May 20th 2017, I went to The Brown Bag Ministry. I helped pack about 1000 brown bags to give to the homeless. Each group of putting the food in the bags had a certain amount of bags you had to pack. The group I was in packed 112 brown bags. We filled it with a sandwich, cheese balls, and a dessert. In the group that I was in we decided to split into 2 teams. One team's job was to get all the items to pack and the other team was putting all the food in. There were 12 groups doing this. The rest of the people were making the sandwiches and putting the dessert and snacks in the bag. The job I did was getting all the items for my group to pack. T

How Taekwondo has Affected me

How Taekwondo has Affected me By: Abhidev Indrasanan About 5 years ago, a little boy joined the tiger cubs. 5 years later he became a 2nd degree black belt. That was me. It showed me how to live by the 10 tenets. It became something I would do as a way of life. It also showed me something other than self-defense, it is something I will never forget. When I was 5 or 6, I loved this 2 show Naruto, and Ninjago (I still do!) and that made me want to do taekwondo. Well actually I didn’t know what TKD was, I only knew karate, but I know now. That led me to Johnson’s Tiger Rock. TKD changed my life. Taekwondo showed me to live by the ten tenets. I still maybe don’t follow all of them but, I’m work

My Day Mute

I think my day mute was extremely hard. There were lots of times when I was tempted to talk, and sometimes I did talk! This is my day mute.

Ten Tenets of Ho-Am TaeKwonDo

Ten Tenets of Taekwondo The ten tenets of Taekwondo are honor, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self- control, courage, co

Book Harvest

Hello, I am Asiyah Jafri from Johnson’s Tiger Rock, Cary, North Carolina, and for our Black Belt project my brother, Jibreel, and I chose to do the community service project for Book Harvest in Durham, North Carolina. We collected 187 books to donate to children who don’t have enough money to buy books. We think that all those books can help educate and improve lives! #charity #CommunityService

Stretching for Tae Kwon Do

In order to perform to the best of your ability during any workout of sporting event it is best to do a five minute warm-up followed by dynamic stretching. Several studies have shown that athletes perform best when they have warmed up and done dynamic stretches prior to performing. Following the workout or sporting event you can do static stretching. Dynamic stretches are movements that are similar to the movements that your body will be doing. You should do dynamic movements for all the joints and muscles that will be used. Dynamic stretches are held for only 1-2 seconds and should be repeated 8-12 times for each joint or muscle. Dynamic stretches done properly before exercising or performi

Going Over the Edge for Special Olympics

We are so proud of the students and families ! Altogether, we raised $1900 dollars for the Special Olympics of North Carolina! Rachel Lamm is a former student who trained at Johnson's for several years earning her black belt. She and her friend Jack came out to congratulate some of the students on their fundraising efforts from the Board Break-a-thon on August 25th. It was a fantastic event, and if you are not involved already in Special Olympics, visit their website at Cary Charity. Rachel is going over the edge...ACTUALLY rappelling off of a skyscraper to raise even more funds! Johnson's Tiger-Rock Martial Arts 204 Davis Grove Cr Ste 104 Cary, North Carolina 27519 (919) 469-5555 Press R

Look in the mirror...See a Winner!

Did an exercise in our class yesterday. I asked, "Who's smart?" Only a couple children fully raised their hands, some half heartedly, and most, for whatever reason, chose to keep their hands down. This bothers me. Not only are these "smart" kids, but WHO is going to tell them that they aren't smart in the first place, or to give them the reason to doubt their intelligence. I sense that most people are not intentional or malicious, but what influences cause this? Is it peer pressure, unknowing teachers, some social phenomenon? It reminds me of a study that was done where researchers asked children if they were artists. They asked those of Kindergarten-age and then older kids in 5th grade.

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