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Self Defense - Keeping our Kids Safe

Keeping our Kids Safe

I’m not one to tell you that the world is any more dangerous than in years past. Some will use scare tactics as marketing tools for anything from safes to self-defense courses.

Statistically speaking, we are living in one of the safest periods of the last 50 years.

Violent Crime Statistics - self defense can help to keep our kids safe

Violent Crime hasn’t been this low since the early 70’s. Yes, statistically speaking, you’ll be just fine. However, we don’t teach statistics, and we want you to avoid being one.

Update: More recently during pandemic times, we have seen an uptick in violent crime. While still not at the all-time-highs, these statistics are alarming.

Nothing matches the feeling of being able to defend yourself and family. You feel confident, and it your eye contact, posture, and everyday social interactions. When one feels this way, potential bullies, attackers and other evil-doers can sense this. The biggest deterrent you can have is the confidence knowing that you can defend yourself.

I am always sure to tell our students that I have avoided altarcations and fist fights not ever having to use my physical skills for self-defense. That is my goal for our students: to use their heads to stay out of trouble.

After a child trains in martial arts for several years, you would expect them to be prepared to defend themselves. This is not always the case.

While martial arts began as a way to protect one’s homeland …martial does mean military after all...teaching kids has become most dojo’s “bread and butter.”

Unfortunately, as already stated, many instructors have succumb to societal pressures to make their programs easier having watered them down to a point that removes the utility out of the practice.

Some parents want their child to get a black belt as part of some sort of checklist on their resume. What they don’t realize is that they are shortchanging their kids with a false sense of confidence. As an instructor, you must understand that teaching is a challenge. Don't take the easy route. Martial artists are better than this. We are a different breed. Rise to it.

There are lots of quality martial arts programs out there, and you have to find one that you feel good about sending your child.

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