A 9 year old Cary Martial Arts student vows to teach 1,000 people about diabetes

Renuka Dabli-9 year old and Johnson's TaeKwonDo student has prepared a Diabetes presentation that she plans to teach to 1,000 people. As a student of Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy, Renuka is challenged daily to take her skills out of the dojang and to put them to use in the world. After the Johnsons had challenged each of their students to step up and develop a leadership project concerning diabetes, Renuka appeared ready for the task. Having a Father with the disease, Renuka is passionate about informing the public about the risk factors, symptoms, and the prevention of the disease. This is what teaching is all about. If I can inspire my young students to take action in their com

Cary Martial Arts Student Gives Back Through SAT Class

Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy A Life-Skills and Leadership Academy Dedicated to Excellence in Martial Arts You all probably know that Tejas conducted an SAT Clinic for students here at the academy over the past few months. He did this because of his understanding of what a black belt means and SHOULD mean in society. Let's face it. You probably know of people that do not represent the black belt in all of its forms in our communities. This is because other instructors are not like those at Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy. You all are very fortunate to have mentors/instructors that truly care about your progress and growth in the martial arts and as people. With that said,

Exercise enhances cognitive ability

In the Johnson’s TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy Programs, our martial arts students receive a balanced workout in every class. Not only do they train the body, but they train the mind. The benefits of this type of training to a student’s health are clear. Our students feel and look better. They reduce stress from their lives and even perform better outside of the training hall-in academics and in the workplace. As Illustrated in Spark a book by Dr. John J. Ratey, a revolutionary physical education program in a Naperville, Illinois school has transformed its students into some of the smartest kids in America. In 1999, eighth graders from this school took the TIMSS-a test focused on math and s

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