Our student named ABC's "Person of the Week! "Run for their Lives" and "Wher

Jessica Stober's 5k and rainwater barrel auction was held this past weekend at the Wake Med Soccer Park. The event was a huge success. All of the rainwater barrels were auctioned off to some very lucky winning bidders. Jessica was challenged by Johnson's TaeKwonDo and Leadership Academy to take her martial arts skills out of the dojang and to put them to use in the world. Jessica exemplified this over the past weekend as she completely orchestrated the planning of the event over the past few months which culminated with the positive results that she received for her cause-the World Wildlife Federation. Jessica was even named ABC 11's "Person of the Week"! The academy also hosted a charity Es

Johnson’s TaeKwonDo & student Jessica Stober taking their skills out of the dojang and into the

The rain water barrels from Woods Charter School have returned, and they look great! The children who helped our student Jessica Stober on her martial arts service project-"Where Does The Rain Go?" have really blown us away with their commitment to artistic detail. Woods Charter school is located in Chapel Hill, NC and teaches grades Kindergarten through High School. We are thrilled that they agreed to paint 3 barrels for our Martial Arts Project in Cary. Great Job guys! The rain barrels will be auctioned off in the "Where Does the Rain Go?" rain barrel auction on April 24th at Wake Med Soccer Park. Jessica Stober, 16 year old 3rd Degree Black Belt and instructor from Johnson's TaeKwo

History of TaeKwonDo by Asrif Mohamed - A junior black belt

History of Ho-Am Taekwondo By: Asrif Mohamed - (Junior Black Belt from Johnson's TaeKwonDo in Cary, NC) The history of taekwondo began roughly 10,000 years ago when the ancestors of the Korean people migrated from Central Asia to the peninsula that is now called Korea. They relied mainly on hunting to survive, climbed rugged mountains, crossing strong rivers, and traveling along the seashore in their search of food. These rigors developed strong bodies, superior fighting skills, and a sense of teamwork. Historians theorize that , upon their return, the hunters would reenact their motions of kicking, punching, throwing, also reenacting fighting scenes with neighboring tribes with whom they ha

Update on the Cary Martial Arts Service Project: The Woods Charter School rainbarrels have returned,

Woods Charter School and Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy working together for the World Wildlife Federation!The barrels from Woods Charter School have returned! The students from the Chapel Hill School have beautifully painted three 55 gallon drums that would have been otherwise thrown out as trash. Johnson's TaeKwonDo in Cary will now make them functional rainbarrels. Johnson's TaeKwonDo in Cary engages young people in the community in martial arts service projects. Johnson's Tae Kwon Do in Cary is convenient to Apex and Morrisville! The Cary Arboretum and Yes Solar Solutions have already contributed barrels for the project. All rainbarrels will be auctioned off on April 24th, 2010 as a 2-part

Jessica Stober did an interview with the Raleigh Examiner

1. How long have you been taking Tae Kwon Do lessons? I have been taking Tae Kwon Do for eight years now. I started when I was eight and I've been commited ever since the first day. Although it occupies much of my life, the journey has been worth it. 2. How did you come up with the "Run For Their Lives" idea? I am very much involved in community service and other wildlife programs. I have always had a passion for saving nature, especially because it's unfortunate to watch our wildlife die off so quickly. 3. Who do you owe the most credit for helping you get this off the ground? I could not have gotten through this without the help of my instructors at Tae Kwon Do, Bryson and Melissa Johnson

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