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Ten reasons why TKD is better than soccer

10. It can't get rained out.

9. The pollen can't assault you.

8. No sunburn.

7. Your different-aged kids can take class together or their classes are consecutive or simultaneous. There’s even a class for grown-ups!

kids karate cary, nc

6. Your kids' classes are all in the same place, not scattered around three counties.

5. The restroom is close by. And it's a real restroom.

4. The gear lives in a bag, does not roll away, can be cleaned easily, and doesn't get played with outside of class.

3. There is room in the sport for both recreational and competitive participants, and they train together.

2. If your child is competitive, you choose the travel and tournaments, not some crazy sports governing body that fails to recognize family, academic, and religious commitments.

And the number one reason why TKD is better than soccer (or pretty much any other sport):

1. If your child is having a hard time learning something, you don't have to worry that he/she is going to be left on the bench or mistreated by his or her teammates or coaches.

This post is by Tara Leibert. She is a Black Belt in TaeKwonDo and lives with her family in Cary, North Carolina. She lists the 10 reasons why Tae Kwon Do (Martial Arts or Karate) is better than other sports for your child or family.

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