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Martial Arts if You're Over 30? Well, Yes (or Maybe)!

If you're over the age of 30, should you consider studying the martial arts? Well, yes --and no. You should consider a regular, daily, exercise program, for sure. A sensible one; one that starts slow and lets your fitness sneak up on you (rather than hitting you over the head with it). A martial arts program certainly has the potential to be a wonderfully complete training program, as it includes stretching, strength training, aerobic exercise, and requires a kind of mental focus akin to deep meditation. That is, if the instructor undesrtands that you are not 16 and has the right kind of experience. You should avoid training with Instructors that tend to lean towards competition and acrobatics--trust me, at 30 the last thing you need is acrobatics.

But Oh, find a great teacher and the martial arts can become your best friend. The training can keep you supple, sharp, and clear thinking. A martial arts school, directed by a conscientious teacher, can be a centering, inspiring, refreshing place that you love going to --and leave thinking about your next session. Yes, look to the martial arts for some new perspective on your life, after the age of 30. It’s not too late, even at 40, 50, or 60. To choose a school take their trial course (which should be free or close to it). All the best schools offer new students an opportunity to test drive “the car” before buying. I think you should try my school, of course, but I might be a wee bit prejudice. If you’re thinking about taking classes, allow me to be the first to invite you in. Warning: It’s fun, affordable, and invigorating. It’s never too late to start working out. The most difficult aspect of exercise is taking that first step.

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