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9 year old Johnson's Student talks about the tenets of TaeKwonDo and how they relate to free-spa

10 Tenets that relate to free sparring

by 9 year old Johnson's Student- Swaycha Goli


Free sparring shows honor by students following the rules even though it is free sparring. It also shows honor with being easy on people and not trying to hurt people. In free sparring honor is also in your technique. Your technique shows how much you really care even about free sparring and how much respect and hard work you put into your technique. There is also honor in what technique you choose to do.


In free sparring, courtesy is not kicking people or any hand technique in any area that is not allowed. Courtesy in free sparring is also attacking at people at a good speed and letting others attack. Courtesy in free sparring is also not smiling even though you might have gotten a technique right and another person is disqualified or whatever but it is not polite to smile or make fun of people. Integrity

Free sparring shows integrity when kids do the right thing even though an instructor is not looking. Free sparring has integrity from when students keep on doing their sparring even if anybody is not looking.


In free sparring, perseverance is when you never give up. It is sometimes frustrating when somebody keeps on attacking you or doing something that annoys you or what you feel that annoys you. That takes perseverance.


Self-control in free sparring is when you don’t get frustrated about falling down or not crying. It is also self-control in free sparring when you can’t be a sore loser and argue with the instructors or any students


Courage in free sparring is when you’re brave enough to do any technique even though someone else is stronger, bigger or braver. You should always be brave.


In free sparring, community is to take a responsibility to not hurt your partner or not to do anything that will hurt anybody. It also means to be kind to your partner. Community is also saying sorry if anyone falls down by you.


In free sparring, strength is to have force in your technique. It doesn’t mean too hard. If you do it too hard, your partner might get injured or anything you might do if it’s too hard. In free sparring, strength also means if your partner has too much strength and he/she attacks you, and it really hurts, you don’t have to cry. You should have enough strength to not weep.


In free sparring, humility is to not brag if your partner is disqualified. Do not brag if anything happens in free sparring. Otherwise you might get disqualified yourself. Humility in free sparring is to help people up if they have fallen down.


In free sparring, knowledge is when your partner does a technique which you don’t know,[which a slap is not a technique] you can learn from it. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do a technique the whole time just to learn a technique from your partner.

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