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A Personal Victory by Vishnu Gottiparthy

One of our young students talks about a personal victory of his...He used the tenet perseverance to achieve his goal.


I have been on a cricket team for a few months now. We play against one other team in our league. In the first few games we had, we lost. As a team, we all set goals as individuals, so that we can each improve in the areas we are weaker in, and better our team on the whole. My first goal was to be able to prevent any balls from crossing the boundary of the field behind the batsman. My second goal was to be able to hit a few balls without getting out when I was batting. To achieve my goal, I had to go to every practice I could, and give my 100% every time. I played cricket at home, too, so I could get even more practice. A few challenges I faced were time limits on practices, so some days some people couldn’t practice on certain positions, bad weather because we can’t play in the rain, and more losses in games because of the emotional impact on the team. Over the course of a few months, I accomplished both of my goals. In our fourth game, we lost by only one run. Finally, after two more weeks, we managed to win, and by a very large margin. A few of the lessons I learned were that practice is very important, no matter what you do, and perseverance pays off in the end.

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