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The Karate Kid Challenge By Sony Pictures and Six Flags of America

When I saw the e-mail that announced that Sony and Six Flags were looking for Senseis (or Karate Instructors) and their students to put together a martial arts presentation synchronized to music, I said "I just have to do that!" Mrs. Melissa Johnson, My wife, was thrilled as well.

Benjamin Pham and Marissa Jenkins were our students that we chose. We only had 3 weeks to practice, but I think that we did a nice job. It was a unique and fun experience that I will not soon forget. We left Friday Afternoon for DC and used the hallway to get some last-minute practice after we got checked-in! We arrived at Six Flags America to register at an early 7 a.m. We went on at 10 p.m. There were some very nice demonstration teams participating too. I was motivated by seeing the different syles of martial arts represented there as well-Kung Fu, TaeKwonDo, Karate, and Sport Karate. Later, there was a demonstration where we showed our forms to a large crowd at the park.

We had a blast! For Marissa and Ben, I do not think that they will soon forget this unique experience either. They both showed great focus and discipline in preparing over a short prep time. Great work guys. Share what you learned by attending the competition with the other students in Cary. That is why we go to these events-to learn and grow as martial artists. If you do not attend tournaments, warrior days, martial arts seminars, etc, you will not grow, and this can onlyu result in your disinterest. If you participate in extra events, you will stay motivated. Their is no way that you could be bored after seeing what I saw this weekend. We were actually the only ones from North Carolina who decided to attend this grand event. Just as you miss out when others go to competitions and extra events, other school owners in North Carolina missed out as well.

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