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Instructor Humility Project 2010

At Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy of Cary, the instructors have chosen to participate in a Humility Project where they truly "Walk the Talk!" Each of Johnson's 18 instructors have decided as a show of humility to their students that they start back at white belt. Each week, the TaeKwonDo instructors will be able to advance from one belt to the next only by practicing the curriculum requirements 100 times for that rank.

At Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy of Cary, the instructors have done it all. Most of them have placed consistently at the world championships each year. They have led many of their martial arts students to do the same. Each have participated in Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy of Cary's many charity and leadership projects throughout the years. The chief instructors, Bryson and Melissa Johnson were seeking something more-a different kind of experience for their fellow instructors.

The goal as a martial artist is not to win competitions. These are fun and exciting, and much can be learned by attending. However, the lessons that can be learned on a daily basis and through the consistent practice of the martial arts (i.e. karate or tae kwon do) are so much more invaluable to the personal growth of the student. The Martial Arts Humility Project exemplifies to each of their students that being a black belt implies a life-long commitment to learning. The journey never ends.

In a world where many of our martial artists have huge egos and mixed martial arts has come to the fore-front where the focus is on the inside of the cage, this project offers a much needed change for the martial arts world. This is another example of how Johnson's takes the training out of the dojang and puts it into the world! They offer so much more than just your local karate school in Cary, Apex, Morrisville, or Raleigh.

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