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TaeKwonDo student performs community service

Ramya performed community service at a church in Apex, North Carolina as part of her black belt test for Tae Kwon Do. It appears that she gained some very valuable insight through her work. At Johnson's, it is our goal to teach the student so much more than karate.

Brown Bag Ministry

By: Ramya Kolagani

Last week my mom and I went to the Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church to volunteer in a program called the Brown Bag Ministry. The Brown Bag Ministry is a program that gives food and water to homeless/very poor people. Anyone can come to volunteer on selected Saturdays at a few selected churches around the Triangle area. Everyone works together to bring food in and to make the meals. The Brown Bag Ministry is a very generous organization and it felt good to be a part of it. Not only that, but it was fun to meet other people doing the same community service. Though it was fun and heartwarming, I was a little surprised to see how many meals we were making. The number was pretty high. I didn’t know there were that many people in our area that couldn’t afford food and water. There must be so many more people around the world that live like that. The thought of that made me feel grateful, but also very sad. Helping other people was very nice, but while participating in the organization it may be help ourselves as well. When you are packing food and making sandwiches you need to work as a team with those around you. Volunteering for your community also may help your social skills because you get to see people you already know or talk/introduce yourself to people you don’t know. While I was there to help other people, I may have helped myself indirectly too. After you pack/make the food, you also have the option to go to downtown Raleigh to actually hand out meals to people who really need them. There are so many people there. You can see the happiness in their faces when they receive their food. That truly makes you happy. I really enjoyed participating in the Brown Bag Ministry, and I am probably going to go there more often. They do a really good job of making meals and distributing them. There are already so many people, who know of it, but some who still don’t and I want to try to spread some word about it. While helping other people you may also be helping yourself. Whether you have fun or not I guarantee you feel very happy and accomplished at the end.

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