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Girl Power Community Activism

Greetings, I would like to tell you about 3 of our Martial Arts Superstars! On the mat, they do really well. However, it is off the mat where they are making a huge difference-in their communities.

Jessica Stober is 17 years old and is hosting her 2nd annual Run For Their Lives 5K and Rainwater Barrel Auction on April 23rd at Wake Med Soccer Park. Not only is this a 5K race, but a charity auction where rain barrels that have been painted by local artists will be sold for charity. Mayor Harold Weinbrecht will be there and all proceeds go to the World Wildlife Federation. (See the attached Pictures) Her website is She just received the Prudential Spirit of Community "Certificate of Excellence", a letter from President Obama and a certificate from the President's Council on Service & Civic Participation.

Kaynan Goldberg is 12 years old and is leading a nutrition initiative on her site Veggies Go Crunch. She has been featured on the Cary Citizen Site.

Kaynan is a remarkable example of a martial arts student taking their skills "Out of the Dojo, and Into the World!"

Renuka Dabli is 9 years old and has a goal of teaching 1,000 people about the disease. Why does she want to conduct the project? Her dad has the disease, and she wants to help. She is having trouble getting the message out. W

With the help of Johnson's TaeKwonDo, Renuka developed a Diabetes Presentation with Powerpoint. The goal is to get other kids interested in doing the presentation as well so that Renuka could not only meet, but exceed her goal.

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