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Community Service Project by Austin Jenkins

Taekwondo Service Project in Cary, NC

Before with Dad who also Shaved his Head! For my service project, I decided to get my head shaved for St. Baldricks to help kids with cancer. I had to raise money to give to the kids with cancer. I collected over $300 to donate. All together, we raised $70,909.35 that day, and 130 people got shaved.

I went with my dad and other family and friends to the Hibernian Irish Pub in Cary, NC on 03/05/2011 for the event. I was scared at first about getting my head shaved. I was worried about what other people thought and about kids laughing at me, but I had courage to do it. The kids with cancer have no choice, they lose their hair because it will fall off from the poison medicine they take. I felt like if they had courage, I could also. After I got my hair cut, I looked around and my dad and other people had their head shaved. People rubbed my bald head and told me what a great job that was. The next day at school, everyone thought it was cool. My teacher also said she was proud of me. My parents and friends and especially my cousin Dominic liked rubbing my head.

People can still donate money for the rest of the year to I learned courage and honor from getting my head shaved. The kids with cancer show their courage every day. I plan on getting my head shaved again next year. This was a fun project and you can see the pictures where my dad and I shaved our heads. My hair has already grown back.

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