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Brown Bag Ministry Essay by Michael Sulzen

Michael Sulzen

Testing for 3rd degree level 2 Black Belt

Brown Bag Ministry Essay When we heard of how Brown Bag Ministry was helping the homeless, we decided to get our TKD School involved in helping. Before our actual project, we decided to go to help Brown Bag Ministry for a day, so that we could have the experience of being there before our actual project so that we could be better prepared. We helped stuff the bags, and also helped distribute them. After that, we started preparing for our project. We started out by making a poster, and setting it up at the school. We also made a sign-up sheet and a donations basket, and brought those to the school also. At first, not very many people were signing up, and we got a little worried that we might not have enough people to bring, but after a while, all of a sudden, names just started popping up on the list!

When the day of the event finally came…

The first thing we did was meet at Saint Andrews Catholic Church, and stuff 950 bags with lunches for the homeless people in downtown Raleigh. We put all sorts of things in the bags, including: sandwiches, water bottles, bananas, desserts, etc…

After we completed stuffing the bags, we (all those who could make it) drove to downtown Raleigh. When we got there, we helped unload the truck, and set up tables. We put all the food for the hot meal on the tables. Pretty much as soon as we set it up, homeless people started coming over, and getting some food. They were all so happy that we came to feed them. I learned a lot in the process of this project. I learned that there are over 1000 homeless people just in downtown Raleigh. I saw how much that we helped them by giving them food. And, I saw that you can organize and lead other people to know that there are homeless people out there, and that they can we can help. I hope to do this project again next year, and help the homeless even more!

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