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Black Belt Project

For my service project I did brown bag ministry. There were not very many people there so it looked very spacious. I had to carry some boxes that were kind of heavy but we got all the boxes in, in around ten minutes. After we got all the boxes unpacked and the food setup, we chose what station we were going to do. My mom and I decided to make the sandwiches and put them in bags. The leader of the brown bag ministry told the other table today to put out all the bread and then put the bologna on and then the cheese, and then put on the bread that goes on top. I had fun making the sandwiches. I met some people who were making sandwiches and some of the people at our sandwich making table had a conversation. It felt like I was getting a loaf of bread every two minutes. I made a lot of sandwiches. After about an hour of making sandwiches we were finished. Some people already got all the sandwiches in bags, so we just had to put all the bags in buckets to bring out to the truck. Getting all the food in the truck was not hard. All we had to do was get a bucket of the food bags and bring them out to the truck. I also brought in a carton of water bottles. After that was done we had to clean up. We had to put up the chairs, clean the table cloth, and put up the tables. What I learned from it is that there are lots of people out there who are starving and waiting for someone to give them food and I am that someone.

Henry Macomber

May 27, 2013

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