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A Martial Arts Service Project by Rebecca Daniels

My Service Project

By: Rebecca Daniels

For my project I brought nature photos to the senior citizens at Spring Arbor. I feel that this is very important for people to do. Kids of any age could do something like adopt a grandparent and make someone else’s day special.

I chose to do this project because I went to Spring Arbor with Girl Scouts I really enjoyed going there and decided I wanted to go back. These nature photos are very calming and can bring nature to those who can’t go outside. The people there love to see kids and to remind them of being young. Some of the residents do not get very many visitors and so having me there and talking with them it really cheered them up.

For this project, I had to take some crucial steps. First, I went to Duke Gardens on a beautiful spring day and took many photographs so later I could choose which ones to bring. After that, I edited the picture I had chosen and printed them out. Next, I framed the photos in a standing frame so the people could put it on their dresser. Once we got there I handed out the photos and talked with the residents.

Many of the residents were glad to share their stories with me and I could not wait to hear them. One really loved birds and even had a bird feeder outside her window. She was happy to see my picture of a Great Blue Heron. She told me all about looking for birds where she lived when she was a little girl. Others were gardeners and could not wait to tell me all the names of every plant I gave them to choose from. There was also an artist who told me all about the pieces of artwork in her room and the great job I was doing with photography.

Over all I had a great time handing out all my photos and hearing their stories. I had a wonderful time and I think the residents of Spring Arbor did too.

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