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Veggies Go Crunch student-led nutrition initiative is attracting some attention

Kaynan Goldberg, 12 year old and red belt student at Johnson's Tiger Rock Martial Arts in Cary started her Nutrition Initiative a few months back called Veggies Go Crunch. Her work is pretty, well, impressive! As a pre-teen, Kaynan is hoping to influence other young people to live healthier lives.She has attracted the attention of Black Belt Magazine contributor, Jason Brick. Mr. Brick is a martial artist himself, and wrote in the February issue of Black Belt Magazine an article regarding martial arts applications and lessons beyond just punching and kicking. Brick said "Certain skills learned in martial arts have non-combat applications that can save your life. Teenage TaeKwonDo black belt Kaynan Goldberg has taken it one step further."

Brick even blogged about Kaynan.

For more information on how you can get involved in the mission of Veggies Go Crunch, Johnson's Tiger Rock Martial Arts, and Kaynan Goldberg, gor to the Veggies Go Crunch Website at Healthy Eating Cary. You can also communicate with the Johnson's Tiger Rock staff at Martial Arts Triangle

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