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Taekwondo essay on stretching

by Kaveen Chandra

Stretching is important because when you are going to do an athletic activity you should stretch before so you don’t accidentally pull or hurt a muscle. Before I do an athletic activity I stretch so I don’t pull a muscle. You should do a stretch for your hamstrings, shoulders, torso, quads and arm muscles. Before stretching you should do a few jumping jacks, pushups, or maybe sit-ups. When you are stretching you shouldn’t stretch to the point of pain. If you want to see improvement in flexibility it is definitely necessary to stretch the minimum of 3 times a week. If your muscles got worked too much they will become less elastic. Be considerate to your body and stretch on a daily basis and eventually your body will grow. Proper breathing is required when stretching so your mind will be cleared and your body will be relaxed. Types of stretches you might want to do are neck, shoulder, and torso rotation. Dynamic moon, chair, and sun are three other different types of stretches. Sun salutations which are extended cat, plank, crocodile, and cobra are also another stretch. There are three different kinds of stretching. Dynamic stretching is when you increase in speed and or reach over time. Active static is when you put your body in an active stretch position and keep it there. The last type of stretch there is passive static. Passive static is when you relax your body and keep your stretch there and hold your weight with the power of your leg muscles. I really think stretching is important because it warms up your muscles and cools them down when you worked them. It also helps from causing injuries. I especially think that stretching is important because it helps me avoid injuries and gain flexibility.

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