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A School Teacher Who Gets It

Our students, in order to earn rank, must turn in an Intent to Promote form to their school teachers. The Intent to Promote is used to show that the martial arts student is exemplifying their student tenets in the academic classroom as well as at home. (Parents complete another section of the form)

Teacher Kara LaBella was compelled to not only fill out the intent to promote form for Hasitha Tatineni, but to also write a page letter to our academy about her! (See Below) We could use more teachers like Kara Labella in our children's lives. Imagine what our young people could accomplish with the encouragement from teachers such as this. Of course, some credit should go toward Hasitha. Her "Black Belt" behavior off the mat is what prompted the letter in the first place. Great Job Hasitha, and Thank You Ms. Kara LaBella.

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