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A Karate Class or a Life-Changing Experience

Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy is located

204 Davis Grove Circle Cary, NC. 27519

(919) 469-5555.

There are numerous Martial Arts schools in the Cary Area. There are those that teach Shotokan Karate, Ninjitsu, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, and Sport TaeKwonDo. Each of these schools can offer you a limited number of things. You can begin to learn the Martial Arts, you will get good exercise and should have fun doing it. Though this level of traioning may be sufficient for some, students will often seek out an academy that offers a fuller experience; one where students do not just learn to punch and kick, but practice real life skills as well..

Students at Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy are trained to manifest the martial arts philosophy in their daily lives. Our training does not stop when you step off the mat; it continues off the mat as well. Our students practice weekly on how to take their skills out of the dojang and into the world to help their community. This is the New Way of Martial Arts! This is the way of Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy!

If you want more than just the "Local karate school experience", visit our website at

Hundreds of students have chosen Johnson's. They teach the Ho-Am Style of TaeKwonDo, a style unique to their organization-the ITA (International TaeKwonDo Alliance). The ITA mission is to empower its students to enrich their personal, artistic, and professional lives through Martial Arts training. While the ITA believes that our students should be able to protect themselves and perform beautifully and artistically, our sense of purpose comes through the preparing of our students for citizenship. "We encourage our students to use their Martial Arts knowledge to improve our communities through one act of leadership at a time."(ITA)

Here is a list of some of the things that Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy students have completed in the 4 short years that Bryson and Melissa Johnson have owned the "karate school in Cary":

1.) Students raised over $8k for Habitat For Humanity of Wake County.

2.) We volunteered to build the Habitat House off of Falcone Pkwy that we sponsored with the monies raised.

The Johnson's students should be proud of their accomplishment!

3.) Raised over $16k dollars for St. Baldrick's through 3 different events.


4.) Planted shrubbery and other plants for the Assisted Living Home-Clarebridge in Cary.

5.) Have held car washes for charity.

6.) Have held bake sales for charity.

7.) Have sold ornaments for the Ronald Mcdonald House that our students made-a project by Black Belt Rupa Vummalaneni.

Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy supports the Ronald Mcdonald House.

8.) Have sponsored soldiers during Christmas.

9.) Have sponsored needy families.

10.) Raised awareness for Autism and the Autism Society of NC - a project that was led by 9 year old Junior Black Belt- Ben Pham.

"Thanks to Johnson Tae Kwon Do Booster Club and 12-year old Benjamin Pham for holding a fund-raising event as a service project. Benjamin chose to benefit ASNC because he has a sister with autism. Benjamin proudly presented a check for $2,055 to ASNC"

The Autism Society of North Carolina

11.) 16 year old black belt and Instructor Jessica Stober organized a 5k run and rain barrel auction to benefit the World Wildlife Federation. Jessica's project is still underway, and information can be found at the website she had developed at Jessica's project has been very successful thus far. She has commissioned the painting of eight 55 gallon drums that normally would have been thrown out as trash so that they could be made into rain barrels to benefit the envronment. The rain barrels will be auctioned off at the 5k so that money can be raised for the World Wildlife Federation.

Woods Charter School Students Donating Their Talents and Time! Click Below to see our news coverage! She also has her 5k race which will be on April 24th at Wake Med Soccer Park. She secured a 1 million dollar insurance policy for thee event, talked with town leaders and the town of cary regarding logistics, and is in charge of a team of over 25 individuals.

This is the best way to truly teach a martial arts student leadership-by having them practice it as a hands-on experience. We call this experiential leadership training or Project-Based Leadership Training.

12) A 7 year old and Green Belt at Johnson's organizes a visit to Carolina House Retirement Home in Cary - Jackie organized the visit for April 25th, 2010 where all martial arts students can perform for the residents. A few weeks back, Jackie organized a meeting where some of the younger students could make cards and other crafts for the residents to make them feel good.

Young martial arts students taking their skills out of the dojang and helping others in the world!

13) What Does Math Have to do with Martial Arts? Tejas Sundarersan- a 15 year old black belt knows!

Tejas Sundaresan has organized weekly math clinics at the TaeKwonDo Academy for students preparing for their SAT tests. Tejas knows math! He is very talented at it, and he accepted the challenge from the Johnsons to take his skills out of the dojang and into the world. That is exactly what this young man is doing. Way to go. See, it really does not matter what you do to help, just that you do.

.These things were done in part by the chief instructors, Bryson and Melissa Johnson and through Johnson's many project-based leadership projects in which students learn by doing. The Johnsons believe that the best way to teach leaderhip, to teach discipline and other valuable life lessons and skills is by having students do them. It is one thing to say that martial arts students should help out with their communities. It is another to go out and work on these skills with your students and have fun doing it.

With the emphasis on community and the close bond that the students feel to each other-much like a family, coupled with superior martial arts instruction, Johnson's has become the go-to school for many looking for more than just a karate class that they can dump their kids off for an hour to go shopping. They are looking for an experience, an education, and a disciplined, as well as positive atmosphere. They go to Johnson's.

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