A Karate Class or a Life-Changing Experience

Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy is located

204 Davis Grove Circle Cary, NC. 27519

(919) 469-5555.


There are numerous Martial Arts schools in the Cary Area. There are those that teach Shotokan Karate, Ninjitsu, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, and Sport TaeKwonDo. Each of these schools can offer you a limited number of things. You can begin to learn the Martial Arts, you will get good exercise and should have fun doing it. Though this level of traioning may be sufficient for some, students will often seek out an academy that offers a fuller experience; one where students do not just learn to punch and kick, but practice real life skills as well..

Students at Johnson's TaeKwonDo & Leadership Academy are trained to manifest the martial arts philosophy in their daily lives. Our training does not stop when you step off the mat; it continues off the mat as well. Our students practice weekly on how to take their skills out of the dojang and into the world to help their community. This is the New Way of Martial Arts! This is the way of Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy!

If you want more than just the "Local karate school experience", visit our website at http://tkdcary.com.

Hundreds of students have chosen Johnson's. They teach the Ho-Am Style of TaeKwonDo, a style unique to their organization-the ITA (International TaeKwonDo Alliance). The ITA mission is to empower its students to enrich their personal, artistic, and professional lives through Martial Arts training. While the ITA believes that our students should be able to protect themselves and perform beautifully and artistically, our sense of purpose comes through the preparing of our students for citizenship. "We encourage our students to use their Martial Arts knowledge to improve our communities through one act of leadership at a time."(ITA)

Here is a list of some of the things that Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy students have completed in the 4 short years that Bryson and Melissa Johnson have owned the "karate school in Cary":

1.) Students raised over $8k for Habitat For Humanity of Wake County.