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It Can be Difficult even for Karate Kids to Feel Empowered.

The opposite of ‘TO GIVE POWER TO’ is TO TAKE POWER AWAY’ and there is plenty of that going on these days.

An Afflicted Childhood: There’s an APP for that!

social media devices and karate kids

Our youth face a world of challenges that were unbeknownst to us growing up. It’s not that we didn’t experience bullying and peer pressure. It’s just that we didn’t get bombarded across so many different platforms. We would deal with bullying at school or in the cul-de-sac.

Today, karate kids deal with text messages, Instagram, SnapChat, and other apps which parents are probably not even aware of or completely understand.

***Parents, if your kids are using them, know what they are and monitor their activity.***

It’s like they’re in a entirely different world. Physically, they’re sitting right next to you. Yet, they are nowhere to be found. Don’t lose your connection with your child. Bullies have much better access to your child and can surreptitiously do their number on them using fake screen names.

Yes, with the ubiquitous nature of social media, our young people have the same basic troubles that we had to deal with, only intensified. No longer are you able to “check out” of the world when you get home. Today, kids can get hammered by bullying and peer pressure 24/7 online. It all follows them home.

As parents, we’ve never been more out-of-touch. Our kids speak a different language and getting the desired amount of feedback that you can use to help them proves to be quite difficult when they are always responding in emojis, but you have to dig. You have to know what your kids are doing online.

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