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Get your kids a role model...In fact, get them many.

As a parent, you can’t be with your child all of the time. Nor can you teach them everything. A large part of preparing a child for success is in strategically placing people in their lives to serve as role models. I am honored each time a parent entrusts me with that responsibility. It is a privilege which I do not take lightly. In fact, the Mission Statement of the Johnson Organization is,



We lead our programs with the understanding that certain things will always matter when it comes to having a winning life. Virtues such as Self Control, Integrity, Perseverance and having a strong sense of Community are timeless. They are also becoming more endangered thus more significant, and someone with who exudes these attributes can literally write their own paychecks.

Martial Arts is the vehicle that we’ve chosen to teach these life skills. As already stated, whether you’re teaching martial arts, tennis, or chess, you can empower kids through what you do.

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