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How Taekwondo has Affected me

How Taekwondo has Affected me

By: Abhidev Indrasanan

About 5 years ago, a little boy joined the tiger cubs. 5 years later he became a 2nd degree black belt. That was me. It showed me how to live by the 10 tenets. It became something I would do as a way of life. It also showed me something other than self-defense, it is something I will never forget. When I was 5 or 6, I loved this 2 show Naruto, and Ninjago (I still do!) and that made me want to do taekwondo. Well actually I didn’t know what TKD was, I only knew karate, but I know now. That led me to Johnson’s Tiger Rock. TKD changed my life.

Taekwondo showed me to live by the ten tenets. I still maybe don’t follow all of them but, I’m working on it. During tough times, like a hard test, or a new trick I’m trying to learn (COUGH front hand spring COUGH), I learned to persevere. The ten tenets is not only what you do in class, Its what you learn to live by. HONOR COURTESY INTEGRITY PERSEVERANCE SELF CONTROL COURAGE COMMUNITY STRENGTH HUMILITY and KNOWLEDGE are the ten tenets.

When I started TKD, I needed to get used to going there every week. It's been 5 years, and now when we go to TKD, I think of it as a routine (except I don’t go every day), It's now something I’m so used to, it’s like having lunch, I’m so familiar with it. I’ve been to the Cary location so much, I can almost memorize where everything is! Now with the new Morrisville location, in a few month’s I be able to do the same. Tiger Rock is like a 2nd home to me!

At first when I did TKD, I probably thought oh I get to learn fighting, yaaaaaaaaaay, when I was about 8, I probably thought this (I kinda remember too!) It’s self-defense. Now I think Well, It’s uhh, its Taekwondo not just self-defense. I’ve changed, and now to me TKD isn’t just self defense, it’s something more than that, something I can’t really explain. I may say at some times “I don't wanna go to class!”, but TKD is, and always important to me.

Now, I’m testing for 2nd level 3, and I choose this new topic, because I knew I could finish this topic fast because TKD affected me a lot! Like I said, it showed me how to live by the 10 tenets (still working on it!), It showed me something other than self-defense, it also changed how I think of it. It’s only been 5 years, and now me, a 10 year old, is a 2nd degree! If you think about it I have 2 more testings, so that means by the second testing I’m L4, than my last testing of the year, I will be a 3rd degree! TKD is one thing I can’t stop until I got the highest rank, but I won’t stop there, I will help others in TKD. TKD is an important thing in my life.

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