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The Student-Parent-Trainer Connection


There exists a triangular relationship at Tiger-Rock that our families are all involved in. Students have responsibilities. Parents/Loved Ones have responsibilities. I have responsibilities.

I, as well as our team, will spend 1,000 hours outside of class if we need to motivating our students to stay the course,

to grow as a person or martial arts athlete. It is important that our families know our willingness to serve.

Many parents talk to me about their child "finding their love." It is through my experience that the first time you take class, it is fun, because it is new. This exposure to martial arts only scratches the surface. "Love" only comes through enagaged practice...taking part FULLY in the transformative process at Tiger-Rock.

Look at our wonderful role models that we have in place for you at our academy. We have 15 year old college students, Eagle Scouts, Star Academics, Architects, Computer Programmers, those pursuing Master's Degrees in Sports Psychology, Inventors, top ranked snowboarders, and other successful people ranging in age from 7 through adulthood. We have had students attend UNC schools, MIT, Stanford, and more.

Successful people come out of this school, but we need to instill in our families the mindset for success. They did not get to mentorship positions at Tiger-Rock by engaging half-heartedly in the process.

It takes some work from the parents/loved ones to encourage the student.

The student is going to have to realize that they are not going to always love everything about what they do in any activity, but at the end of the day, they will have shown GRIT by overcoming small barriers in their way by STAYING THE COURSE.

We teach the student to be exceptional in all things. It is the state of mind, not the subject matter. Be great in our school, and you will be great in other things.

It is going to take work on behalf of our instructors to take our program to the next level. We all have to work together to instill a love for this fine art and for the process of self-improvement (See Quote.)

We can help you blast past barriers if you are willing to be fully-engaged as a family/team.

In closing, I look forward to the future and your support in taking this program to whole new levels. Let's take responsibility for our respective parts in this Relationship Triangle.

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