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The Conceptual Age

I recently finished reading a book by Daniel H. Pink entitled "A Whole New Mind: How Right Brainers Will Rule The World." I found it to be beneficial to me in my recent pursuits to better bridge the gap between my two hemispheres. Pink shared loads of interesting observations about the coming of the Conceptual Age like that Medical Students are now studying art in order to develop abilities that will allow them to see connections in a patient's history from seemingly unrelated areas...Or that the MFA or (Major of Fine Arts) is now such a hot commodity that Corporate Recruiters visit the programs to handpick the best talent. The admissions process is also highly competitive in these programs. In the future, we will more greatly reward the designers, the "big-picture thinkers", those that can "step into another's sneakers" and see things from their perspective, and those that are able to develop stronger relationships. What does this have to do with martial arts? Well, nothing if you don't want it to. However, for those of us who believe that it is our duty to positively impact the students we encounter and thus-society, we make it our priority to do so with a current understanding of today's world. Tiger Rock is cutting edge in its curriculum development and teaching methods and standards. Many martial arts teachers-I would say most in fact- simply teach like they were taught and make very little improvements or modifications to the process. It is our goal to have an extremely quality martial arts program that does at least 3 things for the student: 1.) Our martial arts students in Apex have to be in good shape and know how to defend themselves. 2.) The Cary Karate program must be managed with the highest standards in safety and a mindfulness of the individual student's needs, strengths and weaknesses. 3.) Our Taekwondo students in Cary must learn and reinforce mentioned above-things like empathy, care for the community in which they live and beyond, and perform at a level we call Level 10!

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