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Passion for Martial Arts

What is the indication of a successful business? It all depends on what drives you to get up in the morning. The responses will vary as widely as to the question, "What makes a good parent?" I have thought long and hard about the type of business my family runs, and at one time, I believed it to be completely unique run out of passion and devotion to our art, ingrained into our innermost selves. After all, most people do not start a martial arts school to make money. Only after years of disciplined training and being positively impacted through their style do they even consider choosing this as a career path. Then, you consider the photographer who works various odd-end jobs just for the flexibility to work in their area of passion as a free-lancer. The photographer didn't start with the financial end in mind. They began out of the faintest of interest (probably when they were a child) which eventually led to a high level of passion. There are many more examples of people out there today with professions that give them a visceral meaning and purpose...people who believe that they can better the world. My wife and I started our school in 2006, and we knew that we would be successful. Believing that in America, when you give something your best effort, you can achieve your dreams.

Our success really stems out of passion, and we would love the opportunity to share our passion for the martial arts with you. Stop by and see us.

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