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Karate Student From Cary, North Carolina Donates Art

What does Karate have to do with art? Well, they do call it martial arts, and while we do not express ourselves with a brush, we do perform physical techniques that are intended to look artistic, clean and visually appealing.

We learn through our practice to give everything we have-to give what we call a level 10. That is what a 10 year old martial arts student here in Cary did-she gave her level 10!

Hasitha Tatineni donated a painting that took her 6 weeks to complete! At 10 years old, this is quite impressive. You may have read a previous blog where we mentioned Hasitha. Well, Tiger Rock Martial Arts International decided to feature the martial artist on their Corporate blog. This is very special for Hasitha as she will serve as a role model for other kids seeking to follow their passions. Hasitha is a TaeKwonDo black belt and works very hard, and her work on this amazing piece is not surprising to us at all.

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