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Enrolling your child in martial arts...

Enrolling your child in a martial arts program can be one of the best things that you will do for them. It is important, however, to find the right fit for your family. In the Triangle area, there are many options open to families who are looking for a karate program. This should be perceived only as a benefit, because competition requires everyone to serve their customers better. Knowing that you have these options, you should never choose a school based solely on location. You may be missing out on the school of your dreams just a mile or two down the road.

Even those who have never trained in martial arts understand that students receive different belt rewards during the course of their training. Receiving a new belt makes a student feel great, re-energized, and can motivate them to do even better as they continue on their journey. Through advancing in rank, a student learns the importance of hard work, daily practice, and perseverance in achieving their goals. This means that the new color is cool, and a student feels good wearing it, but more importantly, they had to work so hard to receive it. While this has been traditionally the case in the martial arts, many instructors in schools across the country have weakened their belt standards to the point that a belt is only an extrinsic reward. One thing is for certain, at Johnson's Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, our students receive rank only based on merit and the intrinsic value of the belt and your experiences will be second-to-none.

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