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Community Project by a 10 year old black belt...

Siddhartha Das, 10 years old and already having achieved a 3rd Degree Black Belt, is always searching for the next big challenge. Siddhartha has been training with Bryson and Melissa Johnson at Tiger Rock Martial Arts in Cary since he was 4 years old. He also is a 5th Grader at Washington Elementary and enjoys playing the piano and working on his Lego Mind Storm. Siddhartha has had the opportunity to participate in many different community service projects over the years through Taekwondo. This time, however, it was Siddhartha's turn to lead, and he did a fantastic job collecting toys, books and games for Duke Children's Center in Durham. This is what the young man had to say about the project, "This idea was particularly appealing to me since this is about helping other kids when they are going through difficult times in their lives. We all know that it is not at all fun to be sick, and by making some cool toys or books available to those kids at the hospital is a neat way to make them feel good and hope for a better tomorrow…don’t you think?" Siddhartha had many responsibilities regarding the service project. He had to choose a collection area at Tiger Rock, create fliers that he later passed out in the community, and even had to communicate his ideas by conducting speeches at the academy. Overall, Siddhartha and the Tiger Rock Team collected over 100 donation items for the Duke Children's Center.

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