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Cary National TaeKwonDo Tournament a huge success!

Thank You to all of our sponsors, volunteers, the competitors that came out and the spectators that came out to watch. It was an honor to have Johnson's Tiger Rock Martial Arts as the host of this year's national tournament here in Cary, North Carolina. There were several hundred competitors who came out to witness and participate in World-Class Martial Arts Competition.

Our student, 3rd degree black belt and violinist, Svetak Sundhar performed the national anthem beautifully. We would like to thank him for his performance. Many people were drawn to tears.

Also, we witnessed the Cary Men's TaeKwonDo team receive first place in the Tag Team competition. This involves a variety of 3-person teams that spar continuously for 45 seconds each. The team that has scored the most points at the end of the 3 rounds wins the competition.

Many of our competitors and their families were asking after the event, "When is the next competition?" and THAT is always a good thing. We can not stress enough the importance of competition and the Tiger Rock competition experience.

Lastly, we would like to thank Eylora Davis-Ding and her family for supporting her on her Community Service Project for Backpack Buddies. We collected a ton of food items that will be put to good use in children's backpacks this Fall!

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