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A Young Black Belt Candidate's Autobiography

By Vishnu

I was born in September 2006 to such a great family with a mom, dad and an awesome older sister. I lived in California, but at young age I moved to North Carolina. But I think it was for a good reason. I didn’t really make any friends in California because I was just a baby at that time. When I started preschool, I was scared and nervous. I thought I wouldn’t make any friends and even worse I had to be there without my mom who I am used to being around. But, my parents told me I will make good friends after I go there. So, my preschool turned out to be great and I made several good friends.

As I grew up, my parents introduced me into soccer at Net Sports. I started liking soccer immediately, and I still love it. I played in a small league and made friends there also. We played games that are really fun but exhausting. Then I got introduced into Taekwondo at the age of 4. The first day I had no idea what sidekicks were or what the contact skills mean. But Taekwondo was fun and it turned out I love my Taekwondo classes at Johnson’s Tiger Rock Martial Arts. I consider myself as a very good student and I have great instructors. There was a small chip called a leadership coin and I was the first one to get it in the first day the leadership coins were made because my side kicks were good. That was one of my happiest moments, because someone gave me a reward for my achievement.

During one of those my unlucky days, I fractured my left arm at a friend’s birthday party. My dad carried me to

WakeMed hospital, and doctors took care of it. I had to stop Soccer and Taekwondo for about six months. It was painful to have missed my favorite sports. I didn’t want to just sit there and watch all my friends play because I had a fractured arm. But I had to. It wasn’t fun for me or my friends who want to play with me. They are all playing tag and I’m watching who is getting tagged. But finally, my cast was taken out. After I got my cast taken out, I went on a cruise ship with my family to the Bahamas. I went with some of my family’s close friends. It was really fun.

I am a student at Green Hope elementary, and I have lot of friends. I got selected in an advanced soccer league called CAYA. I was very happy for myself and I loved it in CAYA. Recently, I participated in a Taekwondo tournament and I did very well winning some trophies. I like to continue everything that I start and I never give up.

I am a happy kid at home, school, and in all my activity classes. In my free time, I like to spend time with my friends in my neighborhood, or build something with LEGOs or watch TV.


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