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Children in the Martial Arts, What to Expect!

At Johnson's Tiger Rock Martial Arts in Cary, Expect there to be one or more experienced teachers on the floor in your child’s class. Expect the teacher to, at times to expect a bit more, Oh how shall we say it? ENERGY, every so often. Expect the instructor, whether gently guiding everyone along or cranking up the troops, to wear a smile (a happy one!). Expect a lot of talk about respect, about leadership, about good manners, about anger, about a whole bunch of things just about any parent would love to hear some OTHER adult talking to them about. That’s the way we do it. “I haven’t been a ‘karate kid’ for some time, like decades, but the experience is still in my mind like it happened yesterday. Parents, enroll your child in a good martial arts school. You’ll never regret it --and your children will never forget it.” -- Tom Callos, Expect a lot of good-sleep-inducing exercise. And expect some special events, as one of our primary goals is to teach our students to take what they practice on the mat and apply it to other things (like school, like work, like fun, and like --to the community). Expect to look back on your son or daughters martial arts lessons with great pleasure and fond memories. Expect, genuinely, some very good times. Try a Free Trial Lesson (and mark my words here, there’s no “hook” or sales pitch in this offer. This is simply a way for you to test drive our school, before ever THINKING about fully enrolling..

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