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Johnson’s TaeKwonDo & student Jessica Stober taking their skills out of the dojang and into the

The rain water barrels from Woods Charter School have returned, and they look great! The children who helped our student Jessica Stober on her martial arts service project-"Where Does The Rain Go?" have really blown us away with their commitment to artistic detail. Woods Charter school is located in Chapel Hill, NC and teaches grades Kindergarten through High School. We are thrilled that they agreed to paint 3 barrels for our Martial Arts Project in Cary. Great Job guys! The rain barrels will be auctioned off in the "Where Does the Rain Go?" rain barrel auction on April 24th at Wake Med Soccer Park. Jessica Stober, 16 year old 3rd Degree Black Belt and instructor from Johnson's TaeKwonDo in Cary, has commisioned several schools, businesses, and organizations to paint 55 gallon drums that would normally have been thrown away as trash. The project that Jessica Stober is conducting actually has 2 parts. Also, on the 24th of April, the "Run For Their Lives" Cary 5k will take place. For more information call Johnson's TaeKwonDo Academy at (919) 469-5555. [youtube=]

Runners and Local Philanthropists came out on the 24th of April to support the World Wildlife Federation and our Martial Arts Student-16 year old black belt and instructor-Jessica Stober.

Each of the rain water barrels that Jessica auctioned off at the event had a unique story. Woods Charter School in Chapel Hill, Farmington Woods Elementary School in Cary, The Cary Arboretum, Yes Solar Solutions, and our fellow TaeKwonDo Students all produced barrels to give for the auction. Our students are always encouraged to step up in their communities by manifesting the martial arts philosophy in their daily lives. This is because Johnson's TaeKwonDo not only trains students to be black belts on the mat, but in life. The training at the academy in Cary really transcends the mat. Go to the NBC 17 News Coverage of Johnson's and student Jessica Stober... Go to ABC 11 News Coverage of Johnson's...

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