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Advice for Men and Women over the age of 40, Thinking About Taking Martial Arts Classes

First, take it slow. No, really. There’s no hurry, it’s not a competition, and you’re not 20 anymore (even though you look like it). Going too hard, too fast, is why a lot of people who would like to enjoy all the benefits of training, no longer practice the martial arts (or any number of activities). Go too fast, get injured; get injured, quit training. Second, make sure they know who’s the boss (you!). You only do what your body says you can do. If and when a class moves into an area you, for sure, want to avoid, you can always find an alternative way to stay engaged. What you shouldn’t do is “100 reps” when your body is telling you the 50 would be wise. Trust me, your teacher will appreciate your input. Give yourself enough time and you will not only keep up with the group, you might be leading it! Be consistent. Being inconsistent about class attendance can dampen the fire of your enthusiasm. Stay on course! Try out the class you’re interested in first, before enrolling. There’s nothing wrong with trying a week or even two weeks of classes with an instructor you’re interested in studying with. Johnson's Tiger Rock Martial Arts provides a monthly membership (if you like classes, they’re going to know you for a long, long time). If a school doesn’t offer an introductory, it’s a red flag to enrollment. Tom Callos, 51 years of age and a 40 year veteran of martial arts practice offers the following advice:

“Don’t hesitate to enroll in martial arts classes,” says Callos. “It’s a wonderful, thorough, and engaging form of exercise. Just be mindful about the way you practice. Study some of the history of the art you engage in. Enjoy the process of improvement.”

People of Cary, Apex, and Morrisville, do not hesitate to call Johnson's Tiger Rock Martial Arts- the highest-rated academy in the Triangle hands down!

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