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My week's training for 2011 came a little easier for me this week, but 2012 is far from bloom isn't it? I can see how so many people fail to remain attentive to their goals after only a short period of time. How many people have just plain-out forgotten about their "New Year's Resolutions already?" I have heard that many do not even set these types of goals for themselves opting to disregard the annual tradition, and I don't blame them. It is just so easy to regress to your old ways, to "fall off the wagon"so-to-speak. The truth is that no matter what your goal is, quick self-fulfillment is much easier than self-discipline. The New Year's Resolution has become a joke around some water coolers hasn't it?

Between Work, Family Life, and all of our commitments, it is not easy to make real change. As human beings, our nature is to follow the path of least resistance. We want to go with the flow. The purpose of this year-long experiment is not to show how easy it is, but that your long-term goals can be achieved with small, daily, mindful and purposeful steps toward REAL change. The real meaning of this year-long experiment is to grow as a teacher, to mentor the student, to lead by know REALLY WALK THE WALK!

I am reading the book "Twelve Steps To A Compassionate Life" by Karen Armstrong. It is a compelling read on how to train your heart and mind for more compassion. What I have gained so far is a greater understanding that one must love themselves prior to showing real compassion for others.I will give every ounce of effort to making 2011 a shining example of this. By emphasizing more on my training, I will be able to give more back to each of my students...and to the world. The teacher really should be their own #1 student...And just so that we are clear, I am not talking about being a jock that spends all day in the gym. The "training" I am speaking of, while it involves being extremely fit (a shining example in fact of the kind of shape a martial artist should be in), my training entails challenging myself to become a better human-being, to show more compassion, and to achieve more as a teacher.

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